solids moisture meter / capacitive / with analog display / portable
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    for solids

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    with analog display, portable


This series of meters is designed to allow nondestructive moisture determinations in lumber, veneers, woodwork, gypsum board, building plaster, flooring, or any other flat, solid surface product. Each instrument in the series is ruggedly constructed, lightweight, easy to use, and has solid state circuitry. The molded plastic handle with spring loaded switch bar permits testing with either hand. The electrode on each instrument is surrounded by a steel ring to provide protection against static. Each instrument employs the radio frequency power loss absorption principle which is a patented feature of Moisture Register Products. The instrument projects an RF field into the test area and then measures the signal loss relative to the conductivity of a dry sample. The numerical scale reading is converted to moisture content percent by means of an established calibration chart or curve for the material being tested. To meet your specific needs, factory made scales are available at a nominal charge.

Lumber, Veneer, Gypsum and Plaster

Numerical Scale for the Model L and V
Color-coded Direct Reading Dial for the Models LG, LGF and LP
Built-in Standard and Trimmer for quick, on the job calibration checking and adjustment if necessary
Zero Point Adjustment Knob
Complete with Carrying Case, Charging Cord, Rechargeable NiMH Battery and Manual

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