thermal imaging camera / infrared / HD / CCD
890-2 TESTO



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Technology:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:


  • Other characteristics:

    megapixel, with touch screen

  • Number of pixels:

    307,200 unit


You can do tests free from total damage on substances and constituents through testo 890-2 Set, the thermal imager set. Owing to the 640 x 480-pixel sensor, in grouping with the first-rate Germanium optics, the position testo 890-2 Set attains the uppermost level of picture excellence. This enables feeble spots and setbacks to be dependably sensed in manufacturing and construction thermography. In amalgamation with the Testo SuperResolution skill, the set testo 890-2 Set witnesses very high-resolution pictures in megapixel class (1280x960 pixels). This denotes that even the negligible or extremely remote size objects can be thermographed by means of a very soaring level of accuracy.