conductive fabric / anti-static / neoprene-coated / E fiberglass
ASNR660 Textile Technologies Europe Ltd



  • Type:

    conductive, anti-static

  • Material:

    neoprene-coated, E fiberglass

  • Applications:

    for thermal protection, high-temperature

  • Field:

    for automotive applications


Antistatic Black Neoprene Coated E Glass ClothIntroducing a new anti static neoprene coated E glass fabric.This product has added conductive properties that inhibit static build up on the coated surface. It only takes the tinest of static sparks to ignite flammable vapours - potentially leading to disaster.Neoprene coated glass cloth is designed to stay flexible, durable, and resistant to breakdown by water.It’s flexibility makes it fitting and adaptable to most situations.Because air and water become isolated in its unique molecular structure, neoprene stays stable even at high temperatures.

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