Chain conveyor for pallet transfer
max. 1 500 kg, 0.2 - 0.45 m/s TGW-Mechanics

Chain Transfer
Rugged construction for payloads of up to 1500 kg

This infeed/outfeed transfer device is used as connection or transfer element between roller and chain conveyors. The chain tracks have swivel bearings allowing the lifting unit to pivot up and down. A 3-position lifting mechanism allows for very simple and cost-efficient alignment processes.

The transfer optionally uses a centre pallet rail or a driven third chain strand to support the pallet weight. The reduced number of drives required, which results from the several possible transmission solutions, makes it a very cost-efficient transfer element.

The chain transfer is also offered in a short version (KAS k) which is particularly suitable for limited space available. This version may also be used for alignment processes.

* Flexibility in design
* Reduced number of drives required in the system saves costs
* Maximum availability, safe transport of pallets and grid box pallets
* High payloads
* Ergonomic design, integrated safety covers, reduced footprint
* Suitable for workplace applications
* Low noise emission


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