140 - 180 p/h | SPLITEX TGW-Mechanics

De-palletising with simple grip roller technology

The fully automatic de-palletising unit - SPLITEX - separates each layer and each package or carton from the pallet and delivers it to the automated conveyor system that feeds the subsequent operations. The SPLITEX combines de-palletising performance with the careful handling of various types of products and packaging maintaining the highest product integrity at all times.

The layer to be de-palletised is positioned by means of a light grid, guided by location stops and raised by a polyurethane-coated grip roller which transfers the layer to a belt conveyor. This belt conveyor delivers the layer to the adjacent conveyor system. The SPLITEX can optionally be equipped with a device that removes the packaging material between the layers.

* excellent cost / performance ratio
* minimum maintenance and repair requirements
* low noise emission
* safe and gentle de-palletising process


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