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140 - 180 p/h | SPLITEX TGW-Mechanics


The TGW Splitex is basically is a de-palletising with simple grip roller technology. It automated conveyor system aids in delivery of individual package or carton for the subsequent operation. The unit houses several features like,

-De-palletising with simple grip roller technology (no vacuum or gripping device)
-Speed of grip roller controlled by resistance
-Contact pressure measured by in-built sensors
-Bottom support for goods during de-palletising
-Safe, crash-free handling of goods
-Easy connectivity to existing conveyor system

The unit offers a recorded performance of 140 - 180 layer/hr and can accommodate a maximum product height / weight of (< 1.5 x product width) and (250 kg) respectively. With a bottom deflection of maximum 15 - 20 mm, it provides safe and gentle de-palletising process.

Other benefits include low cost, high performance, minimum maintenance, low noise emission, highest product integrity and optional support device to remove packaging material between the layers.


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