Dual-axes tilt switch
±1° - ±35° | 0729-1736-99 The Fredericks Company

The Fredericks Dual Axis Tilt Switch is designed and manufactured in the United States of America at our facility in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. It utilizes a Fredericks TrueTilt wide range electrolytic tilt sensor which provides a highly stable and repeatable output at a competitive price. It has a robust plastic housing with potting to provide IP66 environmental protection. The tilt switch has the option to be programmed through RS-232 communications making it optimal for a variety of applications in many sectors. The features can be preset at our facility to customer specifications or by the customer after the unit has shipped. Once features are set they are stored internally in memory even through power cycling of the tilt switch.

Part number and specifications:
0729-1736-99: ±1° to ±35° range, dual axis, relay output, LED indicators


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