Portable media filtration oil mist collector
The Hilliard Corporation

The HILCO vent mist eliminator is the answer to economically reclaiming the oily vapor found in the air stream of vents of lubrication oil systems on large, high-speed rotating equipment. These include gas turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating engines and gearboxes.

The vent mist eliminator improves safety by eliminating oily residue cause by setting oil mist on engine room floors, stairways, etc., keeps the environment clean and helps prevent exterior oil contamination of buildings and grounds. There are currently three versions available: Blower Assisted, Mist Eliminator with Heat Exchanger, and a Coalescer-Only model. All models have DM type coalescers and eliminate oil mist with an efficiency of 99.97% removal of all airborne contaminant regardless of particle size.

Our vent mist eliminator collects, coalesces and filters the mist, significantly reducing visible oil plume. The captured oil is returned to the sump or crankcase, quickly and efficiently for reuse. Available in sizes and models to fit your specific application, HILCO vent mist eliminators are virtually maintenance free.

Hilliard also makes HILCO-quality replacements for other brands of mist eliminators.


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