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Mini solenoid dispensing valve

The Lee VHS Series Micro-Dispense Valve is now offered in multiple porting configurations, allowing a broad range of micro-dispense options from a single valve. The VHS Series Micro-Dispense Valve is a high-speed, two-way solenoid valve designed for applications that require microliter and nanoliter dispense volumes such as high-throughput screening and drug discovery. With 062 MINSTAC port options, the VHS valve allows simple, compact, leak-proof connections to 0.062” OD Teflon tubing or direct coupling to Lee 062 MINSTAC nozzles. These nozzles can be removed easily to change the dispense range.

The VHS valve is available in 4 standard seal materials and 2 operating voltages (12 and 24 vdc). Special drive circuits and starter kits are available for lab and prototyping work.

Valves that set the world standard
Genuine replacement valves for your ink jet printer.
Compatible with Water Base and Solvent Base Fluids
Suitable for time metered micro-dispensing
Superior valve to valve consistency
Consistent performance for the operating life
High speed up to 1200 Hz
Operating pressures up to 120 psig in some models
Low power consumption
Response times as fast as 0.25 milliseconds
Printed circuit board mount versions available


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