capacity discharge welder / AC
0 - 80 J | SR-80 Thermal Detection

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capacity discharge welder / AC capacity discharge welder / AC - 0 - 80 J | SR-80


  • Technique:

    capacity discharge

  • Other characteristics:



SR80 is a high quality premium bench mounted capacitance welder. The device is designed for the production of thermocouple hot junctions in a fast and efficient way, as well as for other fine wire welds. There are three selectable power ranges that are provided, which allow fine adjustment of the weld power, as well as two wires of up to 1.6 mm to be welded. Note that the device can operate from a standard 110 / 220 V AC supply.

The good hot junctions can be formed in the case of this product, while the conductors are often twisted together, forming a hot junction. This is not good practice and the production of an accurate and reliable measurement is unlikely. A regular hot junction will degrade over time as well. In the case of this product, however, a wait lamp has been fitted by the manufacturer, in order to prevent the user from using the welder until the current set charge is reached.