probe feedthrough / for tubes / single-element / split
PGS series Thermal Detection



  • Product applications:

    probe, for tubes

  • Configuration:

    single-element, split

  • Protection level:

    gas-tight, liquid-tight, heat-resistant

  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, for high-pressure applications


The Thermal Detection Single (Split) Probe/Tube Feedthrough (PGS) has diverse applications. The sealing gland of PGS range is certainly needed. They have split internal components for a single element, which is crucial for assembling when the tip/bulb diameter is greater than the diameter of the element. The product features are extensive as follows: Mounting patterns have several options like weld-neck, screwed and Tri-clover flange. The wetted parts use Grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel. Probe sealants are in Teflon® or Viton®, Lava and Grafoil®. Meant for both gases and liquids, the hole size extends from 1.5mm to 1/2." Manufactured by Conax Technologies.