stainless steel cable gland / for validation thermocouples / with sealing cap
GL45-1 Thermal Detection



  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:

    for validation thermocouples, with sealing cap


The validation of bottled product during sterilisation is made easier using bottle cap mounting glands from Thermal Detection.

The gland allows easy and accurate positioning of thermocouple wires in a product bottle. They can be made to fit a range of thermocouple wire formats, and can be fitted to most bottle caps.

The GL45-1 is used for securing a number of thermocouple wires. It uses a Silicone sealant with predrilled holes to seal the thermocouple wires. A Teflon® cannular is fitted to the gland to guide the thermocouple wires into the bottle and allow positioning of the hot junctions centrally in the bottle.

Glands can be specified with Schott Duran® and Corning® bottles, other manufacturers on request

The sealing gland is made in 316L stainless steel