Pt100 temperature probe / RTD / plug-in / bayonet
QCP Thermal Detection



  • Technology:

    Pt100, RTD

  • Mounting:

    plug-in, bayonet

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, 4-wire, 3-wire, high-precision, with cable, angled, plug-in, with male/female plug

  • Applications:

    process, for hygienic applications, laboratory, for the food industry, for laboratory freezers, for refrigeration circuits, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the plastics industry, for clean rooms, for laboratory refrigerators

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -70 °C (-94 °F)

    Max.: 250 °C (482 °F)


The Quick Connect Probe from Thermal Detection allows a fast and simple disconnect of the temperature probe from the flying leads. This allows the leads to be left in-situ whilst, for example, removing the probe from the process for calibration. Long leads can be left in place reducing maintenance time.

The connectors are polyamide with an M12 lockable socket and plug arrangement. They can be specified straight or with a 90° bend.

The probes are made from 316 stainless steel, in diameters from 3 to 8mm and any length. Single or duplex sensors can be accomodated.

The leads as standard come with an MFA insulation, however additional protection can be provided with stainless steel conduit protection.