probe feedthrough / multiple-element
MHM - MHC series Thermal Detection



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The Conax Technologies Multiple Probe/Tube Feedthrough (MHC) and Custom Range (MHM) of sealing glands allows the multiplying sensors to progress via a individual gland or entry with the help of soft seal technology. This product is suitable for pressure and vacuum applications.

The MHC and MHM range specifies the following: whole wetted parts in Grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel, Probe sealants in Teflon® or Viton®, Neoprene, Lava and Grafoil®, has the temperature starts from -240° to +870°C and pressure range of (@20°C) Vacuum to 690 bar. It also have Optional types of mounting arrangement, screwed, weld-neck or Tri-clover flange for sanitary/hygienic applications and hole sizes from 0.5mm to 1/4".