capacity discharge welder / portable / AC
0 - 48 J | SR-48 Thermal Detection



  • Technique:

    capacity discharge

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, AC


Thermal Detection presents SR48 capacitance welder of bench mounted type. This standard and economical welder has been made for quick and effective production of thermocouple hot junctions as well as other fine wire welds. SR48 offers an output of 48 joules with two power ranges. This allows welding of two wires with each having up to 1.1mm OD.

SR48 runs from a standard 110/220V AC supply. It allows formation of good hot junctions. Usually, a hot junction is formed by manually twisting the conductors together. However, this practice is not recommended as it is not likely to give precise and dependable measurement. This type of hot junction degrades over time.

Also available is an optional pen and plate to allow specific impact welding tasks along with an optional footswitch. And for all models, optional accessories are available. Based on application, three choices of units are available. Bench mounted units provide a power rating of between 48 and 80 Joules. The portable unit has rating of up to 30 joules.