high-density thermocouple wire feedthrough / multiple-element / waterproof / for high-pressure applications
HDe Thermal Detection



  • Product applications:

    for high-density thermocouple wires

  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:

    for high-pressure applications


High Density Feedthrough (HDe) series have the highest density sealing glands for numerous thermocouples or copper conductors for a single level process connection. It becomes priceless when you have to face restrictions for the chamber entry. The product permits 6 to 30 thermocouples and 12 to 60 copper conductors in a single feedthrough. Almost three feedthroughs can be mounted on the single entry gland and the 18 to 90 thermocouples and 36 to 180 copper conductors are allowed to pass through the single entry point.
The permission for the entry is based on its size. You can also get different optional mounting arrangements, tri-clover flange or screwed connection. All parts are designed with 316L grade stainless steel. There is no need for potting. The copper and thermocouple conductors feature solid construction in 24 AWG (0.51mm) and are Teflon® insulated. The power of the low voltage signals should be limited to 100V DC at 500mA. Termpature range of the process is -80ºC to +120ºC.