quenching furnace / brazing / nitriding / heat treatment
thermal engineering



  • Function:

    quenching, brazing, nitriding, heat treatment

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  • Heat source:


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Thermal Engineering also deals with the design and the achievement of entire heat treatment lines.

Classic examples are the chamber furnaces ( single or double) for nitriding or cementing. The lines can be continuous ( used for the most part in nuts and bolts or spring makers) or discontinuous (typically for automotive products in general).

The most common treatments are: heat-treat, brazing, bronzing, coal cementing, coal nitriding, quenching.

The supply includes: lines for automated loading and unloading ( or semi-automated), washing machines (with water, ultrasounds, continuous or chamber), temper tanks (oil or water), washing tanks, and more that is necessary to the lines, which are studied case by case.