gas analyzer / elemental / portable / for the mining industry
Niton™ FXL Thermo Fisher Scientific



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    for the mining industry, X-ray fluorescence


The traditional sample analysis that happens in mining and oil and gas exploration often involves a costly and time-consuming process of sending samples to offsite laboratories and waiting days for critical data. The portable desk-top-style Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ FXL Field X-ray Lab provides reliable elemental analysis in the field, in real time so you can make decisions quickly. Now with the latest z-CAL™ calibration technology, the Niton FXL meets the challenge of light element detection, providing enhanced analyses for critical applications in oil and gas exploration.

Now your commercial lab comes to you in a powerful, fast, easy to use, and extremely mobile package. The Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab features a rugged, compact design that can be operated in the field or in your onsite lab.

Features enhanced light element analysis with Z-Cal™ calibration technology.
Offers the highest performance lowest levels of detection for up to 42 critical elements.
Integrated camera with small-spot feature allows you to test areas as small as 1mm and conveniently store sample measurements for later reference.
Optional X-Y positioning allows you to position the XRF head quickly to the precise spot you want to test.
Optional sample spinner rotates the sample within the chamber during testing, ensuring an overall accurate reading that best characterizes the entire sample.
Closed-beam design simplifies licensing requirements in most countries.