Thermostatic bath
max. +13 °C ... +300 °C | SAHARA series Thermo Scientific - Laboratory Equipment

Heating circulators to control temperatures in smaller external systems such as density meters, viscometers, photometers, refractometers or similar devices.
Powerful pressure pumps provide a good heat exchange with closed systems and thus optimum temperature accuracy.

- Sahara Series Acrylic Heating Circulators
The Thermo Scientific Sahara Series is a new generation of advanced,configurable solutions to meet all your temperature control needs.

- SAHARA Series of Stainless-Steel Heating Circulators
The Thermo Scientific SAHARA series are powerful heating bath circulators with a stainless-steel reservoir that can be configured with different temperature ranges and volumes giving you efficient heating for open and closed applications.

- SAHARA Series PPO Heating Circulators
Thermo Scientific transparent bath circulators are ideal for applications that require good visibility. Temperature maintained from ambient plus 13°C to 60°C.


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