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Cabling trunking / PVC / grooved
Ty-Duct® series Thomas & Betts


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Ty-Duct Wiring Duct
Ty-Duct®, a premium-quality duct for point-to-point wiring, is ideal for electrical enclosures, machine building and data/communications panels and closets.

Easy Cover Installation: With a unique, two-point, flush-cover design, Ty-Duct covers are easily installed in the right place, with less force, and hold a greater capacity.

Double Score Lines: The upper score line permits tool-less finger breakout; the lower score line makes for easy sidewall section removal.

Useful Universal Mounting: Ty-Duct's universal mounting clip can be used as a cable tie mounting base, as a snap connector for duct dividers or for other wire applications.

No Scuffs: Ty-Duct is covered with an easily removed protective film that eliminates scratches and can be used for temporary labeling.


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