clear water pump / electric / hand-priming / centrifugal
J series Thompson Pump



  • Media:

    for clear water

  • Operation:


  • Priming:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    irrigation, booster, transfer, high-pressure

  • Flow:

    1120, 1600

  • Head:

    425'00", 475'00"


Available as a hand-priming pump, this high pressure pump provides streams of clear water for jetting, water blasting and wellpoint installations.

End-suction centrifugal pump end with suction and discharge fittings
Heavy duty cast iron casing and brackets for durability along with bronze impeller and wear rings
Abrasion resistant carbon mechanical seal vs. inferior ceramic seals
Available with strainers or foot valves as well as alternative pump ends for corrosive liquids

Construction: Wellpoint installation, equipment wash down, pilings
Oil and Gas: Fracking, frac feed, pond transfer, tank cleaning, water boosting
Marine: Barge cleaning and wash down, pile jetting, docks and seawall installation
Agriculture: Irrigation dust abatement, water transfer