rolled ball screw / precision / low-noise
NEFF Thomson Industries, Inc.



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    precision, low-noise


Thomson provides a standard range of high load ball screws up to 160 mm diameter with max. 1400 kN dynamic load capacity, and customised ball screw assemblies according to specific application demands are available upon request. Specifying high load ball screws in applications previously relegated to roller screws can save money, extend product life or both. Any new application will require careful analysis of load capacity, product life and cost, and in doing so, there may still be some applications well-suited to roller screws. But given new ball screw technology advances that increase ball screw load bearing capacity, it is now wise to consider Thomson high load ball screws in any application for which you might now be considering a roller screw. It could pay off significantly.
Thomson provides high load ball screws that are commonly used in injection moulding machines, metal pressing and forming, test rigs, straightening machines, tube bending machines.