metal shaft / ball screw / for heavy loads / for heavy loads
KGT-S Thomson Industries, Inc.



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    ball screw, for heavy loads, for heavy loads


Thomson high-load ball screws handle up to 125% higher load capacity or up to 10X the service life compared to standard ball screws of the same size.
They are designed to accommodate a wide range of applications and take up to 1,440 kN of dynamic load.
Best of all, Thomson high-load ball screws are German-engineered precision components, providing high quality and stiffness.

Features & benefits include:
•Standard sizes up to 15 m in length and up to 160 mm in diameter.
•Max. dynamic load of up to 1,440 kN.
•Lead accuracy of up to ±6 µm/300 mm.
•Compact, simple design allows for downsizing, less weight.
•Available with single or double nuts.
•Multiple preloading options.
•Smooth, quiet motion.
•More economic solution vs. roller screws.

Ideal applications include:
•Injection molding, pressing and metal fabrication machines.
•Large fabrication machines, e.g. mills, water jets, plasma cutters and automatic welders.
•Metal pressing and forming, e.g. rivet presses, servo presses, tube bending, metal sheet bending, test rigs, straightening machines.
•High-load actuators, hydraulic to electromechanical conversion.