friction clutch / spring
Thomson Industries, Inc.

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friction clutch / spring friction clutch / spring
  • Friction clutch / spring


  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Torque:

    Max.: 565 Nm (416.7226

    Min.: 5.085 Nm (3.7505


Genuine Wrap Spring clutches and brakes provide three basic control options like overrunning, start-stop, and single revolution to control hundreds of simple motion processes. These come in pre-packaged and pre-assembled units and are thus easy to select and install. In the basic wrap spring clutch, there are three elements - an input hub, an output hub, and a spring with an inside diameter that is marginally smaller than the outside diameter of the input and output hub. As the spring gets forced over the output and input hub, the rotation clamps it down forcefully over the hubs, thereby engaging them. When the rotation force is greater, the spring will tighten the hub even more, so there will no slippage.