electric cylinder / cylinder / compact / positioning
WhisperTrak Thomson Industries, Inc.



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, positioning, with integrated position sensor, with integrated electronics, with integrated limit switch, for medical applications, for furniture, for medical equipment, for bed adjustment, handling

  • Force:

    4,000 N


Thomson WhisperTrak models are the quietest additions to our well-known electric linear actuator family. This actuator range sets the standard for medical, personal mobility, material handling, marine and structure automation applications. It is small, quiet, washdown-proof and created from the accumulated knowledge that Thomson has gathered from being the actuator industry leader for more than 50 years.
WhisperTrak linear actuators boast a low sound level of less than 45 dBa, about the same as an average library. This quiet, consistent low sound level is conducive to personal mobility applications and provides unobtrusive linear motion in an elegant package.
WhisperTrak is rated for protection class IP67 and is able to operate in harsh conditions where it is exposed to washdown, rain, dust, or other particulate without the use of any additional cover.
The WhisperTrak linear actuator is unique in that it offers a compact machine footprint and robust features that are unavailable anywhere else. The electronic limit switches (ELS) and feedback options are available off the shelf and fit within the compact envelope of the standard model. Mounting options include standard (pictured) or rotated 90 degrees.

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