dry vacuum cleaner / hazardous dust / three-phase / industrial
CD-5 EX (ARP) Tiger-Vac International



  • Applications:

    dry, hazardous dust

  • Power source:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, explosion-proof

  • Power:

    4,000 W (5.4 hp)

  • Capacity:

    56.8 l (15 gal)


All stainless steel SAE 304 construction. Equipped with a continuous duty 3-phase explosion proof/dust ignition proof motor. Less than 10 Ohms of resistivity. These units can also be equipped with true HEPA Filters (H14)/ULPA Filters (U15) located upstream and/or downstream of the motor. This unit can be used for general maintenance in hazardous locations and is designed to be either a portable or stationary unit. This unit is cleanroom compatible and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. This unit is equipped with an Automatic Reverse Purge (ARP) System. These filtration systems enable the operator to clean the internal cartridges without having to open up the vacuum cleaner. These filtration systems reduce maintenance downtime. All of our HEPA/ULPA vacuum cleaners are Aerosol Leak Tested before leaving our facility.