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Tinius Olsen


The Tinius Olsen Free Falling Dop Dart Impact Tester has been designed specifically for use in QC/QA testing for the impact resistance of plastic film. The testers meet all ASTM D1709 and BSENISO 7765-1 standards.

The staircase method is used by these impact testers following the above test guidelines. They assess the energy used to cause plastic film to fail under the impact of a free-falling dart. This energy is however indirectly expressed by finding the weight of the missile falling from a specific height which will cause 50% failure of the specimens tested. Therefore, when using this method, weight is added in standard increments to the missile after each test, based on the previous test.

Two models of the Free Falling Dop Dart Impact Testers are available: models DD660 and DD1500. DD660 complies with test method A while DD1500 complies with the standard test methods A and B.


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