Flow indicator totalizer / analog / totalizer
IP67, -20...+80 °C | Metra Smart Titan Enterprises


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The Metra-Smart design is specifically suitable for computing and displaying rates and totals along with giving an analog output that is proportional to flow. The unit is able to provide dual pre-set flow switch points and make calculations for varying rates from dual input sensors. It can display resettable totals, accumulated totals and flow rates based on settings pre-programmed by the user in engineering units.

The simple pin protection flow chart programmed in English provides a guide that covers the complete programming routine. This provides a significant reduction in the need to refer to the instructional manual. Pulse output is selectable as an input pulse repeater serving as a signal conditioner module. It may also be programmed as a scaled pulse output for remote monitoring. There is also a ten-point linearization for non-linear sensors. With the analog output and flow switch functions, the requirement is an external 8 - 24Vdc power supply.


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