layer palletizer / low level infeed / crate / for heat-shrink film packages
Autopal TMG Impianti



  • Type:

    layer, low level infeed

  • Product applications:

    crate, for heat-shrink film packages, for cartons, jerrycan

  • Other characteristics:


  • Throughput:

    150 p/h


Low-level automatic or semiautomatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationery position for low production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink-packed products. The products on infeed are distanced one from the other, orientated, grouped into layers and placed on the pallet in a pre-determined programme.

Sweep palletisers with minimal footprint, which can be supplied with high or low level infeed and can be adapted for a wide range of products.

Quick investment return
Due to the rationalisation of the design in both size and operation, the machines have an excellent qualityprice balance allowing a quick payback on the initial investment.

In alternative to palletising with the pallet on the ground or directly on the pallet outfeed conveyor, the palletiser can be fitted with a shuttle car system in the layer unloading area with two or more stations to allow different products to be palletised simultaneously on separate pallets.