gantry palletizer / Cartesian / robotic / bag
ILERPAL P TMI, Técnicas Mecánicas Ilerdenses, SL



  • Type:

    gantry, Cartesian, robotic

  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    for the chemical industry

  • Throughput:

    400 p/h


Cartesian axes gantry type bags palletizer with robotic gripper

Quick return of investment
Modular and compact machine, reduced footprint
Flexibility and quickness on format changes
Smooth, accurate and quiet operation
Simple and user friendly operation
Rigid and accurate machine

Outputs up to 400 bags/hour depending on palletizing formats and number of layers
Robotic gripper for bags handling, with double movement
Translating movements on Cartesian axes
Transmission by timing belts with steel renforcement
Only electric and pneumatic actuators
Minimal investment

Agro-feed: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes
Foodstuff: Flours, semolina, ingredients, milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar
Chemical & Petrochemical: Fertilizers, PVC, plastic granules
Building & mining: Mortars, sepiolite, perlite, salt, glass, frit
Recycling: Biomass pellets, Shredded tyres