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TMI ROBOSAC P4 is a robotic palletizer. It is suitable for palletization of a variety of products in multiple formats. Due to its unique design, it can be configured right from the most basic - pallet on the floor - solution to a completely automatic palletizing line. It offers several advantages such as a compact design, excellent space utilization, and fast return on investment. The palletizer is noise-free, precise, robust and free of maintenance. It has been designed for a long service life in industrial settings.

ROBOSAC P4 is ideal for industries in need of low investment, dependability, excellent quality, and user-friendliness. It can provide outputs of up to 400 bags every hour. It has 4 axes with motion positioning capabilities. It is operated via these axis with numerical control (CNC). It enables highly accurate positioning and seamless operation without sudden start/stops. A double-synchronized gripping mechanism is used for discharge of bags. It includes fingers for careful treatment of bags and preventing de-shaping. Also included are side guides for controlling bag dropping.


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