Robotic palletizer: gantry type

ROBOSAC P4 allows the customer palletizing a wide range of products in several formats. Its design allows configuration of solution from the most basic one – pallet on the floor – up to a fully automatic palletizing line. It stands out with compact design, optimization of occupied spaces and quick return of investment. Accurate, silent, heavy-duty, maintenance-free, it is conceived for long life run into industrial environments.
Appropriate for those industries requiring low investment, reliability, working quality and easy handling. Output capacities are up to 400 bags per hour.

- It works by means of 4 axes equipped with motion positioning by means of numerical control (CNC) which provides the highest accuracy in placing, and smoother operation with no any sudden start and stop.
- Bags are discharged through a double-synchronized mechanism grip. It incorporates fingers that treat bag carefully and avoids de-shaping, and side guides that control bag dropping. It allows bags overlapped each other. Grip is designed according to the bag and pattern type. Its versatile system is capable to handle different packages and solve palletizing applications such as bags, boxes, drums, paper sheets between layers, etc.
- Its major advantage is the optimization of occupied spaces. It allows its placing in reduced sites.
- The communication between man-machine – HMI - is easy and intuitive (touch screen).

- ROBOSAC P4 modular design allows adapt itself to every customer needs.
- If client requires it, equipment could be supplied to work in ATEX classified areas.
- Modules for placing paper sheets in between layers are also available.


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