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    security and access control


TopAcesso can manage and automates de access control in several different enviroments incluinding industries, schools, banks, commercial buildings and any other establishment that needs to control at same time doors, turnstiles and gates.
It is a very versatil system. When used integrated with Topdata's turnstiles the system allows complete control of main entrances and also can manage datacollectors ensuring security controlling doors of restrict areas, data centers, warehouses and others.
TopAcesso is a Windows based application developed to enhance the security inside your establishment. With TopAcesso you know exactly who went where and when inside your place. It is the prefect solution to control employees, clients, contractors and visitors. Using TopAcesso you may configure different access rights for each door or turnstile, following time parameters and in accordance with each user's profile.

This efficient system also allows to track an user inside the facilities and the all of this can be done in real time with a simple and intuitive user interface.


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