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multi-function printer / floor-standing / color / with touchscreen
e-STUDIO5506AC Toshiba TEC



  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    multi-function, color, with touchscreen

  • Resolution:

    Min.: 100 dpi

    Max.: 1,200 dpi


The e-STUDIO5506AC/6506AC/7506AC are high-end colour MFPs that boast a colour printing output 55/65/75 ppm. The series are integrating newly-engineered software and hardware advancements including an enhanced user interface, embedded application platform, advanced cloud and mobile printing capabilities, a new processor, and an outstanding Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) within a stylish, yet durable body.

Workflow integration
Toshiba Tec included its new MFP systems called e-BRIDGE Next in the e-STUDIO7506AC series to present users with more flexibility while adapting to their unique workflows. The new touch screen user interface allows for easy customization to address user's preferences and needs, which can focus on vertical markets and simplify the workflow. The embedded application platform makes it possible to easily integrate solution application into the e-STUDIO7506AC series.
High performance
A powerful multi-core processor enables users to produce complex documents without having to compromise on quality. Toshiba's outstanding DSDF is capable of handling a maximum of 300 sheets and allows for double-sided colour scanning at speeds of up to 240 images per minute. The high-speed data processing and output save time while increasing business efficiencies.
Cloud & Mobility
Today, many Cloud & Mobility solutions are provided and these are absolutely imperative for business. The e-STUDIO7506AC series further simplifies cloud and mobile printing and capturing enabling users to work anywhere they prefer.

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