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Hybrid forklift truck
max. 8 000 lbs | Geneo Hybrid Toyota Industrial Equipment

Toyota Industries Corporation does not need introduction. They launched the world's first internal combustion hybrid lift truck, the Geneo Hybrid, in Japan in 2009. Toyota has been consistently working on a line of environmentally friendly and recyclable vehicles, including the industry's first fuel cell lift truck, the Toyota FCHV-F prototype.

Being supported by the strengths of each power source, the Toyota Hybrid lift truck combines the best of electric and internal combustion technology. It combines an internal combustion engine, electric generator and battery with flawless design that allows it to operate with optimum fuel/emission efficiency. It can shift automatically between battery and engine modes, simultaneously recharging the battery during operation and is a lift truck that cuts hazardous emissions to less than half, making it much more fuel efficient that its competitors.


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