DC motor / electronically commutated / 24V / 48V
encoTRive MD 300 TR-Electronic GmbH



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:

    electronically commutated

  • Voltage :

    24V, 48V

  • Other characteristics:

    motion control, IP54, compact

  • Torque:

    Max.: 1.1 Nm (0.8113 ft.lb)

    Min.: 0.6 Nm (0.4425 ft.lb)

  • Power:

    Max.: 273 W (0.371 hp)

    Min.: 136 W (0.185 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 4,350 rpm (27,331.86 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 2,175 rpm (13,665.93 rad.min-1)


The MD070/MD300 by TR-Electronic GmbH is a Brushless DC electric servo-motor which comes with an integrated motion controller. This tool is used in accurate grinding machines, inspection machines, tool controlling modules and tire testing facilities. It features its accurate positioning and sensor coupled position measurement. It is known for its application to maximize portal systems.