hybrid transmission for marine applications
HTV-700 Transfluid



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    for marine applications


The TRANSFLUID industrial hybrid system HTV700 model is made up of the following TRANSFLUID products:

SAE multi-disc clutch system, to connect and disconnect the internal combustion engine
Solenoid clutch-control valve
Power shift with SAE B power take-off
Electric machine that can operate as electric motor or electric generator
Powershift gear system, three speed forward, one speed reverse Powershift transmission
Electric selector control with unit with integrated soft-shift capability
Two or four wheel drive drop-box, available with a wide range of reduction ratios
Spring loaded, hydraulic opening, wet disc parking brake
brake control solenoid valve
The hybrid system enables you to use vehicles in limited traffic areas, ensuring zero emission mobility, while satisfying the vehicle’s power needs when standing still for long periods and recovering the power released for braking, driving downhill or even just slowing down. All this ensures substantial savings in terms of fuel consumption.

The HTV700 offers the SAE4 bell coupling inlets and outlets; the maximum input torque is 300 Nm (222 lb-ft), the maximum input power is 95 kW (127 hp) with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm and overall weight of 245 kg (540 lb).

The HTV700 can be installed on new vehicles or retro-fitted to on-the-road vehicles, thus enabling both industrial and commercial vehicles to be brought up to standard with the most recent and ever more stringent laws governing environment emissions.

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