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hydraulic pump drive system / industrial hydraulic pump drive system / industrial - SRBD


  • Product applications:

    for hydraulic pumps, industrial


(Torque Distributor - Power Distribution) SINGLE PUMP DRIVE - SRBD The single coupler for pumps is a complete kit that includes all the components that allow you to connect a Diesel engine to a pump. The components are: RBD coupling QD bushing (machined) SAE housing with inch threaded holes.
CONSTRUCTIVE AND TECHNICAL FEATURES: The principle on which the RBD couplers are based, is that of coupling with internal and external teeth, with the only difference being that the teeth are made of rubber blocks. outer ring, made of aluminum, has a profile perfectly corresponding to the shape of the blocks and can be directly flanged to the engine flywheel. RBD couplers can simultaneously compensate for angular and radial misalignments, and do not require the installation of a pilot bearing on the flywheel.RBD_img1
RBD Power take off:
The PT-PTO is suitable for both in line and radial load applications. The output shaft is supported by a heavy bearing designed to absorb the high shock loads generated by the transmitted power.
For permissible radial loads apply Transfluid.

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