unmanaged network switch / 24 ports / compact
S24TXA transition networks



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  • Number of ports:

    24 ports

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The S24TXA compact Fast Ethernet Switch has twenty-four 10/100 Base-TX ports with low latency and error-free performance provided via an advanced store-and-forward architecture. Other features include:

Automatic MDI/MDIX
Cable detection and correction is automatic as the switch adjusts for straight-through or crossover cables during installation—no uplink port necessary.

High-performance Switching
Non-blocking architecture assures rapid packet delivery and the extensive 8,000 MAC address table and memory buffering provide swift lookup and packet forwarding.

Full Duplex Operation
Bandwidth for each port is effectively doubled, increasing the speed of a 100 Mbps port to 200 Mbps.

Flow Control
Enhances packet transmission by full-duplex flow control and half-duplex back pressure,providing congestion control on busy ports.

Rugged Chassis
Sturdy metal enclosures for added durability.

Straight Forward Diagnostics
Perpetual port status provided via LEDs to simplify troubleshooting.

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