media converter / fiber optic / serial
SRS2F311x-100 transition networks



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    fiber optic, serial


The SRS2F311x-100 stand-alone serial RS232 to fiber converters allow you to extend the distance between serial connections with the use of fiber optic cable. These full-featured stand-alone converters transmit the full complement of RS232 flow control/handshaking signals optically and supports full or half-duplex asynchronous data transmission at speeds up to 115 Kbps. Link a remote terminal to a host computer: Connect multiple devices, such as security scanners, POS devices, remote terminals and building access/alarming systems to a host computer. Ideal for campus or business environments where remote devices can be networked in a point-to-point configuration where distances are greater than the 15 meter limitation of conventional copper serial cables.

In addition, these stand-alone media converters can also be managed from remote locations, in-band, over the fiber, when linked to a CRS2F311x-100 installed in a managed Point System™ chassis.

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