media converter / fiber optic / PoE
SGPOE10xx-1×0 transition networks



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    fiber optic

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Transition Networks’ AC powered PoE media converters combine data received over a fiber optic link with -48 VDC power; providing power to Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Powered Devices (PD) over unshielded twisted pair cable. The PoE converters are Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and are fully compatible with Powered Devices (PD) that comply with the IEEE 802.3af: 2003 standard. The converters also includes a PD signature sensing and power monitoring feature per the IEEE 802.3af standard. This feature enhanced model offers the ability to enable/disable many of the features as well as force port capabilities (see switch section under Specifications).In addition, with the PSE/LPT switch enabled, a loss of Fiber RX will disable PSE power output on the UTP port for 2 seconds to allow remote device to re-initialize, also known as Powered Device Reset. The PoE converter is fully compatible with devices that comply with the IEEE 802.3af standard as well as select legacy PDs. The PoE converter is capable of inserting power on data mode A or mode B pairs of the MDI.

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