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    for conveyors


The TRANSNORM VertiSwitch® is a completely standardised, vertical distribution unit, which can be deployed optionally as a diverting unit (line distribution) or merging unit (line consolidation). The distribution unit can vertically merge two conveyor streams or vertically divert two streams into one. This product is characterised by an open and robust construction, modular design and a high level of dynamism in the swivel movements.

The TRANSNORM VertiSwitch® offers the following benefits:
Innovative design with minimum energy consumption
Light yet rugged design with high reliability
Compact design for minimal space requirements
High speed operation combined with low noise operation
Low maintenance requirement
Optionally usable as line diverter or merge
Fields of Application:
Airport baggage conveyor systems
Sorting and distribution systems for express, delivery and parcel services
Conveyor systems for boxes and bins

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