Power transformer / cast resin / floor-standing / medium-voltage


  • Type:


  • Configuration:

    cast resin

  • Other characteristics:

    floor-standing, medium-voltage

  • Electric power:

    Min.: 25000 kVA (33525.55 hp)

    Max.: 30000 kVA (40230.66 hp)


Cast resin transformers, which is manufactured by Trasfor, is applicable for use with medium voltages that has power ratings of up to 25/30 MVA and insulation voltage of up to 36 kV. Its windings are created using aluminum or copper wire. The use of Step Lap mitered cores helps to reduce the losses, thus increasing efficiency of the transformer and ensures low noise levels during operation.

Every stage of manufacturing, the cast coils uses automated process controls to ensure quality of the product.


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