procurement management software / asset management / analysis / scheduling
MAINTI 4 GMAO / CMMS Tribofilm Industries



  • Function:

    procurement management, asset management, analysis, scheduling, barcode reading, CMMS, operations management, technical data management, inventory management, reporting, file import/export, order management, personnel management, control, verification, barcode label design, vehicle fleet management, planning, dock management, absence management, customer service management, estimate, barcode label printing, workshop management, document management

  • Applications:

    industrial, barcode label printing, RFID

  • Type:

    real-time, cloud, SaaS

  • Operating system:

    Windows, 32/64-bit Windows system, web browser, Linux, Android


Tribofilm Industries' MAINTI4 CMMS was engineered to support the maintenance industry. This system features most of the standard functions of a CMMS, including machine fleet management, healing analysis, preventive intervention organization, inventory handling and procurement, and statistics evaluation. However, the MaintiMédia also showcases additional features like ground realities consideration. Optional barcode or RFID mobile terminals deliver quick aid to technician users, and provide fast data encoding. A voice recognition feature is also sported by this module.