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multi-cavity injection blow mold / technical parts / packaging / large series
Trimould Technology Co., Limited



  • Type of mold:


  • Cast parts:

    technical parts, packaging

  • Operation:

    large series, small series

  • Applications:

    for industrial applications, for the automotive industry, for the electronics industry

  • Certifications:

    ISO 9001


Trimould has 16 plastic injection machines, from 120T to 500T, with functional equipments of crushing, drying, oil type temperature controller, robots and transfer belt, etc., with the worker of more than 60 persons, assuring the processes of mould tryout and product moulding.

On the premise of satisfying the product function, it is our responsibility to propose proper plastic material for customer, and it is our mission to use material going green and environmental protection. The famous international brands of DuPont, Bayer, GE is our first choice of material picking up.

Trimould have the Department of product assembly and packaging, with the workers up to 40 persons, so that to meet our customer’s requirements on the product extra-processing, value-added services.