CO2 laser / water-cooled
max. 1 000 W | TruCoax 1000 TRUMPF Laser Technology


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The TruCoax laser has particularly proven itself through its robust nature and profitability.
Maintenance-free laser operation without power loss
Ideal process accuracy and process result stability
Maximum processing speed due to multiple kW peak pulse power
Compact and energy-efficient laser construction

TruCoax CO2 lasers are so compact that they easily fit on a machine frame and can even be integrated directly onto a robot arm.
This is due to the extremely stable construction of the resonator: two coaxial metal tubes, one inserted into the other, serve simultaneously as mechanical bearing structure, as radio- frequency electrodes and as cooling elements. Thanks to the compact and energy-efficient transistorized laser excitement, the solid-state generator is integrated in the housing of the TruCoax 1000. A separate cabinet is no longer necessary.


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