design software / programming / laser equipment
TruTops Boost TRUMPF Machine Tools



  • Function:

    design, programming

  • Applications:

    laser equipment


Connected intelligence: A single piece of software, a single solution, a single process: by combining several programs into one, TruTops Boost means there's no longer any need to have different programs for different machine technologies.
Shorter overall lead time: TruTops Boost saves you time by doing the programming for you. The software automatically generates your NCs, allowing you to make more effective use of your time - for instance by processing new orders.
Increased productivity: From now on you need only create your geometry once and you can use it for both cutting and bending programming. Dual programming at the bending machine is no longer necessary.
Numerous automated functions: TruTops Boost is an innovative software solution that uses automated, technology-independent processes to revolutionize your work. Hit the Boost button and increase your performance.
Best possible organization: TruTops Boost helps you to organize your daily schedule, so you can concentrate on the programming tasks that require your complete attention.
Better use of materials: The new Boost nesting module reduces setup times and improves sheet utilization.
More flexible working: Processing several orders in parallel? No longer a problem, thanks to the tab feature. You decide whether programming is automatic or interactive.