Centrifugal pump / sanitary
max. 35 m³/h | TP 2050 Tuchenhagen


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the new size TP 2050 is operating within the lower flow rate volumes and has been added to the product range of our GEA Tuchenhagen®-VARIFLOW Centrifugal Pumps.

The TP 2050 operates in the flow volume range of up to 35m3/h and is added to the existing TP 3050 giving now the possibility to select more precisely the desired and needed flow range - improving the economical operation and efficiency in your process plants.

In most cases even a smaller motor can be applied at the TP 2050 than in the TP 3050. The new TP 2050 is following the strict hygienic regulations of the entire TP centrifugal pump range and is EHEDG and 3A certified.


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