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Hydraulic vibrator / for concrete


  • Operation:


  • Product applications:

    for concrete


This machinery is suited for ramming, extracting and simultaneous concrete compaction. The belt vibrator is equipped with a guide and mounting rail, pushed onto the ramming tube and clamped to the tube vibration-free with a hydraulic clamping device. The height position on the tube can be changed as needed. RPM from 1400 to 1800 are available for optimal adaptation to the post diameter from 37 to 61 cm. The belt vibrator is self synchronising and particularly well suited for cast-in-place concrete piles. Into the pile shaft a high-quality, well-densified concrete pile with high skin friction is cast into the surrounding soil. The piles are manufactured to the required length in one piece, thus have no unstable joints and can be adapted to the weight sustaining soil without problems. The piles can be fully or partially reinforced.


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