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Hydraulic vibrator
400 - 4 000 kN | HVB TÜNKERS

Hydraulic Vibration Drivers (unfettered)

The Tünkers hydraulic vibration drivers are based on the principle of self-synchronisation and produce flawless directional vibrations.

The vibrators are equipped with shafts with eccentrically mounted masses running in opposing directions and are driven by hydraulic motors that transmit the torque directly to the excenter shafts.

Self-synchronisation is produced by the centrifugal force and the constructive concept in one fixed and one freely movable vibration body. Since there are no gears and transmissions in this design, oil lubrication is not required. No high operating temperatures are generated and the noise emission is low. There are no failures because of transmission damage and no reduction of the lifespan of the roller bearings.

Practical experiences have proven these design features to be the most suitable concept for vibration machines.


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